Yacht/Private Boat Tour - Exclusive Sailing!

The Greek Islands are a magical place to spend your holiday and an island like Samos is really worth to visit and explore! Samos Island is full of beautiful hidden treasures along its coastline.  

Duration: 8 hours


Although most parts of the island are easily accessible by car, the big majority of its hidden beaches untouched by tourism can only be reached by sailing yacht and boats.
If you have little or no previous sailing experience, you will need a skipper, captain or other crew members. You may just want to reserve a cabin or single berth and sail with other guests. You can participate in the sailing of the yacht, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.


Together we can design your own special sailing holiday in Samos around your interests and budget.The idea is to enjoy the sea and the sun, meet people, taste the fantastic life of the island and have lots of fun!